As we can have it, the case is still being investigated. Our wish is that the case is not just studied, but also examined to the degree it deserves to be highlighted to the society. Sometimes, it takes sincere effort to look into a mirror and face one’s own ugly grin.

Our society is changing. There are myriad references to prove the argument. But that’s beside the point. We could be indefatigable motormouths at times. What is important, however, is to know when to speak well and with purpose fit for the occasion.

It is indeed shocking that circulation of a nude picture of a 15-year-old boy on WeChat means nothing to our otherwise wildly active and often sorely unthinking social commentators. The people involved in it – distributing the picture – were arrested and are now out on bail.

A group of monks and servicemen made fun of a disabled individual who was found running around naked. Theirs was all the fun to be had from their small silly act. It is so painful that our people have become so uncaring after only these many moons.

What this tells us, rather very rudely and painfully, is that our society is falling disturbingly apart, faster than we would like to believe. Many will sound out that this is not true. Well, what have you done in your capacity as a responsible member of society?

Ours is a country that has not much space for disabled individuals. We have some schools and institutes, but they can have only so much from all the facilities they have access to. What more have we – the well-endowed lot – given them so that they too are able to enjoy comfort and ease that we do so lavishly?

And we trivialise their lives so with ease and without ache?

What is more than just essential is that the case must be studied well and justice dispensed as is fit. A crime has been committed. We know the victims. We know the perpetrators.

We praise the foresight and courage of the linked offices to surrender the people involved to the law. So it should be. We commend your prescience and willingness to act as is deserving of your high office.

What should come out of this altogether is that justice must be delivered, at all cost. Let no office or individual feel the power of their place to bully and mistreat the people born with small fortunes.

Thoughts and acts divisional is a disease. The best is to cut the root and branch of them all as they come showing.