Kuzu everyone!

The cats are Back!

And this time we decided to give you a little fun with our picture…

Try to guess how many cats are in the basket… 3, 5 7, 8??

There is a lot of cats at the shelter at the moment and most of us are waiting to find a real family. Some of us already have a family and they are just here to get better or have an operation. They tell us about the fluffy cushion near the bukari they don’t have to share with 12 others. They talk about the nice food they eat whenever they want because no one else is jumping on the kitchen counter to finish their bowl… They will soon be back on their family member’s laps and sleep on their pillow or at the feet of the bed… We all sit around to listen to their story of love, friendship, loyalty and kindness. And we dream to have our own. Lucky had a family before, but despite the shelter calling and messaging many times, they did not come to pick him up and just abandoned him here. Of course, he has food and shelter, love from the caretakers and the other animals but he does not understand why he was rejected without a single word of explanation.

The shelter people told him that sometimes people act strangely or selfishly and he should not take it personally and move on to a better and kinder family. But I can see he is still sad and upset that his family felt he did not even deserve a call, a visit or an explanation. He needs time to heal. Siri also has a family, but as he was brought 3 times to the shelter with dog bites and really bad wounds, I think he is happy to stay here and be safe, rather than going home, stay outside the house and fend for himself. He is waiting for his family to call but he is also afraid to go back! Johnny is old, so he wants to stay here or find a real nice house, with a nice cushion and not have to roam around chasing the mice. Andy is still a kitty who was attacked by dogs and the nice man who rescued him said he wanted to keep him when he is back on his feet. So he will know soon if he is one of the lucky ones or if he has to wait his turn to be in the adoption column! And there is Mimi, Jygme, Joline, etc… also waiting for a chance of a better life.

If you want to make one of us sooo very happy, please give us a little space near the heater in your home and a cute bawl for food and water and you would have not only change our life but change yours as well ! One act of kindness is always rewarded one way or another, one day or another. Gross animal Happiness for Gross National Happiness starts with me and YOU!

There are four of us in the basket.  Did you get it right?