Hello hello!

Yes, I am a cat again, but I was not in the basket last week!

By the way, did you get the right number of cats? I was a little sad I did not get to show my face and my tail and all the rest of me and get the opportunity to meet with a nice family (and be in the newspaper!). So, my name is Mimi, I am a young lady of ESH breed.

What is ESH? It means European Short Hair and this is the group of cats I belong to if you like to classify or make typologies. But I am not European, I was born in Simtokha, in the RIM compound a little more than a year ago and if you read the paper regularly, you will maybe remember my story cause. Yes, I have shown my face, my tail and the rest of me before. But it was not my best profile and I was too young to understand what was really happening. I even think someone else wrote the column for me. So I asked the other pups to let me in K2 again and because I am pretty and fluffy but mostly because I am kind, soft and cuddly, they all voted to let me be the One this week. I also not want to write too much because I want my picture to be big so that my friend can recognize me. I am dreaming of my own bowl, my own sleeping basket, my own family, my own very best human friend. I know you are here, somewhere and hopefully reading this column.Yes you!

Please come and meet me at the shelter. I am waiting for you. Ask for Mimi. Everybody knows me because I am cuddly, pretty, and friendly!