Hello everyone!

My name is Swimmy. It is not because I am the best swimmer dog in the Thimphu dzongkhag. To tell you the truth, I have never seen the Wangchhu and I am not even enjoying being washed that much. My name is Swimmy because my mother and I were living at the swimming pool complex before we were taken up to Yusipang for help. When I say living, I mean surviving.

At the beginning, we were lucky to be in such nice surroundings with trees and green bushes to sleep in the shade and nice young people to throw some biscuits or sometimes even half their lunch to my mum and me. Despite a lot of attention and kindness from some of the youngsters coming to play or swim, we fell on hard times last winter and we started to look slimmer and slimmer, and with less and less hair to protect us from the harsh weather. Fortunately, a nice young girl told her mum about us. I think she could feel what I felt and understood the pain and hunger we were in and identified with me. She had a nice mum too, like mine, and both of them decided to find help for us and phoned the shelter. They could not take us to their home I was told because this great family had already six dogs – all rescued from the street, all real Bhutanese dogs like me and mummy, proud, sincere and faithful.

So please, if you have a little space in your home for a nice beautiful young pup, happy and healthy and ready to join his own family, please come and visit the shelter and ask for swimmy baby. My mum is named swimmy mummy, she is also a great dog and a great mum. Come and meet us! We love children and other dogs and I am a very happy fellow ready to make you smile. See you soon I hope.