Kuzu zangpo, La!

My name is Dasho. I am not a real Dasho even if I often sport an orange thick coat when the weather is fresh.

Indeed, winter is cold in Yusipang and most of the dogs are attired with warm coats made from the sleeve of an old sweater. It is quite funny to see all those patches of color running around at lunchtime or seeping in the sun for a few hours of heat before the night.

Last winter, the snow covered the whole garden and we were like giant colorful snowdrops blooming at once. But now, this is monsoon time and there is no need for extra sleepwear or fancy colours. Only the dogs with skin problems and hair loss are wearing light T-shirts to protect their bare skin against the sun’s rays. With the altitude and the climate change, a dog with no hair is at risk of repetitive sunburns. Our skin is not meant to see the sun and is very sensitive to UltraViolet rays. To avoid any risk of burns and further skin cancers when I arrived with a real bad hair loss or “alopecia” as they call it here at the shelter, I got my own big T-shirt, orange of course, to suit my name, and it really helped me stay away for burns. I now have my beautiful mastiff coat back and I need no winter wear and no summer wear either!

I come from Phadjoding and, yes, I am a big boy but still I am full of affection and kindness and I am hoping this column is going to help me find my own loving family as well as help my friends here get help for next winter. Indeed, I hope anyone who has old sweaters or clothes or fabrics of any type will come or contact us to donate them to the shelter so they can prepare the new winter collection for the dogs but also for the goats, the pigs and the bull. And even for Stanley the horse, who had a full shave to get rid of ticks and flees! Please come and visit me. Maybe you will find your new best friend and maybe it will be me!