Kuzuzangpo La,

My name is Khandu and my story is a little different from the ones of the other dogs or cats at the shelter. I actually came at the Yusipang shelter by myself. I was spotted in the middle of the big road by one of the humans working here, who quickly took me in to keep me out of danger.

He did not know where I was coming from or how I ended up in the middle of the highway alone. First, he thought I might have come from the shelter itself, had found a hole in the fence and got lost. There are so many of us dogs at the shelter, with new patients and rescues coming every day that it takes some time for all the humans working here to get to know all of us, old and new, by name or by face.

But I was not coming from the shelter and I am actually too young to remember where I really come from. So, I became a new member of the big BARC family, and I even got my name form the nice man who rescued me on the road and I am so proud of it! I am very happy here but I know there are many dogs and cats in the streets out there that need more help than I do. So, I want to find my own happy family and leave some space in the puppy ward for a more needy cheychey cat or cheychey pup.

I am healthy even if like most doggies in Bhutan I had worms, flees and a little hair loss, but nothing that can’t be cured. I still need to grow a little hair here and there.

So please come and visit me at the shelter and ask for khandu the pup. Maybe the other Kandu who helped saved my life will again be the one to find me.