Hello la,

My name is Tashi. If you read this column regularly, you might think I am from Tashiyangtse or Trashigang or maybe from TashiCell building area or Tashi Delek magazine office.

I am, in fact, from Tashichhodzong!

My mum, my sister and I came to the shelter quite a while ago. We were suffering from scabies and really dry skin. We learned here that we should not take a bath too often and that is what we did before: a bath once or twice a week. Too many baths, too much soap or the wrong shampoo can lead to a lot of skin and hair problems for us. Our skin is sensitive and covered with hair to protect it from the cold, the heat, the sun rays, etc.

If we are healthy, have good food and a happy life, our coat is shiny and soft because we love to clean it ourselves. Our skin benefits from good nutrition with enough fat and protein and we do not need much water and even less shampoo to smell nice, look nice or feel nice.  After a few weeks of fatty acids, vitamin E, cod liver oil and a t-shirt to protect our back from UVs, we were looking great again.

I have arrived at the shelter as a puppy and I am now a bigger pup even if I still am a small dog! It’s because my mum is a Pomeranian white lady! My dad was a Bhutanese gentleman and I look more like him, but I got my brains from mum. Pomeranian is known to be intelligent, active and witty and that is what I am. We have been waiting here for nearly a year for our owner to pick us up and now the shelter thinks it is time for us to be given a new chance with a new family. After many months waiting and hoping, I really believe now that our first family has forgotten us and that we need to be able to move on. We just hope nothing bad happened to them, I guess we’ll never know.

The three of us would love to stay together of course, as we are small and cute and all white and mum are fluffy and pretty. But maybe it is not meant to be. It is tough as well for us to be separated from our siblings. But Pomeranian are brave and Bhutanese dogs as well! And we are strong and proud and loving and faithful. My mum always tells us to be proud of who we are, irrespective of colour, size or breed; to be lucky to be mixed breed and to get the best of both our Bhutanese and German origins.

Please come to meet us at least and give us a chance to show you how lovely we can be. Mum is not shy, I am a bit shy though. I guess, it is a lack of self-confidence. I just need to feel the attention and care of someone special to fulfil all my potential. I am Tashi and I am happy to be. Tashi Delek to all!