Kuzuzangpo La,

My name is Fendi and my family is originally from Croatia, Dalmatia that is.

Yes, I am a Dalmatian lady but I did not travel to Bhutan of my own will. I was brought in as a puppy and I am afraid I was not born in Dalmatia either. I was born somewhere in India, in a puppy farm, those terrible concentration camps where dogs of any and every breed are forced to produce puppies all year round to see them snatched before they are four weeks old.

This awful business, puppy production machine, is where many a dog is fighting for his life, but the only future is death. I say concentration camp not only because of the bad treatments the mums get, the abuse, the neglect, the starvation and filth, but also because of the overpopulation in the cages, where we have to stay until someone wants to buy a dog. As a puppy farm survivor, I have low immune system and I am susceptible to a lot of ailments. Indeed, we are pumped with antibiotics from birth to keep us alive despite our grotesque and despicable environment.

My previous owner dumped me at the shelter because he could not take care of me properly. I have a chronic skin allergy and I need specialised care and expensive treatments. Dalmatian dogs are known for their beautiful coat, but we need love, care and respect. I can be a beautiful healthy girl but I need a dedicated owner who will spend the time, the energy and, yes, the money to make and keep me healthy.

This is more an appealfor compassion and generosity than the normal adoption column. If you feel you are the one to really care for me and save me from my past, please phone the shelter, come and talk with the Humans here and let’s put a definitive and final full stop to my life of suffering. Thank you for listening to me, and please, please, please, do not buy puppies, we are not for sale.