Hello hello, or Warf Warf as we say in our canine language!

Yes, I do speak English and Doggie, even if am still a very young puppy! Doggie language is my mother tongue and I got to learn English and a little Dzongkha while at the shelter.  Some of the other dogs here speak Tshangla or Nepali, and Kengkha.

My name is Socks because I am all black with white feet, a pointed nose and cute eyes. Well, people say I am a very cute little doggy girl and friendly as well. As you can see in my picture, I tried to give you my best profile. Like many of the younger pups who arrive at the shelter, I do not remember much about my life prior to my rescue, but I do remember that a nice lady with a green kira picked me up and kept me warm when I was stranded in the gutter near the YDF compound. I was running from naughty kids who were trying to put a rope around my neck and I fell in the gutter so I tried to hide there for a while. Unfortunately, I could not get out after that and it started to rain: I got cold and afraid and quickly felt miserable. I was going to drown. So when this beautiful lady in green bent down and talked to me, it was like a miracle! And when she took me in her arms and held me close to her chest to keep me warm, she was like a goddess. I was completely wet, very muddy and smelly and still she did not care for her nice kira or her tego. She even slid me under her clothes to make sure I would not die of shock and called the shelter immediately to ask about first aid for pups, what to do and not to do. Her voice was like a song and her heart was beating near my ear so I fell asleep. I knew from that moment on that I was safe and whatever happened, a green angel was going to do the best for me. And I was right.

I don’t know her name and I don’t remember her face, but her smell and her voice are in my heart forever. Thank you Green Kira, you are my green Tara and if you read this column, please come and visit me at the shelter. Please give me a chance and welcome me in your family so the shelter can have one more spot, one more space, to rescue another stranded little black puppy with white socks. Thank you.