Adoption: Kuzuzangpo everybody,

My name is Margaret, but I prefer Maggie. My friends at the shelter call me Noodles, of course. Hey! I think you know one of them. He is Bruno, the lucky guy who was in this adoption column last week.

He is a bit sad though, because nobody phoned the shelter and asked to meet him yet. I hope we will get visitors soon for him. We all love visitors.

Some people come to visit and bring us biscuits, bread and rice. Of course, we prefer the biscuits because we can eat them straight away. During auspicious days, we can have up to five different people coming to celebrate with us. At the end of the day, our bellies look like big balloons.

Every one’s favorite is Parle-G biscuits. This winter people brought us a lot of old clothes and blankets as well. The blankets are used for those of us who are very sick and old clothes are put in our sleeping baskets to keep us comfy and warm during the winter nights. It is really cold here in Yoeselpang.

We had snow this month and were very happy to see and play in it but worried we would be all wet and frozen. But see, before they put the warm clothes in our baskets, the shelter people cut out all the sleeves. I will explain you why: They use all the sleeves to make warm dog’s coats. Sweat shirts, pullovers, jumpers, jackets, everything soft and warm and thick and fluffy is cut at the shoulder seem. Near the wrist end, two holes are cut for the legs and here you have it, nice colorful, warm and free doggy coats which keeps us warm especially for those of us who don’t have much hair or who are very skinny.

It is quite funny to see us walking around in funny colors and prints, and designs. But Bobo, the big Saint Bernard, is sulking because only a big pink fleece jacket was big enough to make a coat for him. He says Pink is not a color for a male and even less a Saint Bernard. Yes, he is French, maybe that is why he is so picky.  He says he is waiting for a camouflage army jacket. Still I am sure he is happy when the sun goes down, pink or no pink.

As my name may already tell you, I am a lady dog, one year old and as far as I can remember I have been living at the shelter all my life. I was told that I arrived as a puppy with many others during puppy delivery season. Some of us had the same mom but they soon forgot about her and we had to build up a new family, bonding with each other like real brothers and sisters. I love playing with everybody at the shelter and people made us forget we had a tough time at the beginning. But it is also time now for us to grow up for good and to start our adult life with a new loving family. I know there are a lot of dogs in the streets of Bhutan and that animal lovers already have many dogs at home and are feeding some more in the street out of compassion. Still we are hoping that we can find a little place in a nice family.

I will not take much room and I just need a little love, a little care and a little food. If you want me, I will even come with my own little coat. Please come and visit me at the shelter.