Kuzu Kuzu everyone!!!

My name is Pimkie and you would not believe how happy I am to look so dashing!

I hope you can see it in the picture. My coat is white and long and shiny. My hair feels good and fresh and my skin is soft and supple.

No, this is not an advertisement for some lotion or shampoo! I am just very relieved and happy that I am feeling and looking so good at last. I sure did not look like that when I was brought to the shelter. I had been suffering from terrible rash on my back for months and no treatments seemed to be working. My hair was gone and this messy black crust was going from my tail to my head!

Slowly I was getting slimmer and slimmer and the rest of my body was red and itchy, bumpy and getting hairless as well. My human grandpa brought me to the shelter out of despair because he could not take good care of me anymore despite having tried everything he could and had nearly gave up on a recovery for me. I am sure glad he did ask for help one last time!

The day I reached here, I was put on a very strict but delicious diet, given some special quarters and a blanket and explained that I needed to be patient and serious with my treatment for it to work properly. I was massaged every two days with a caramel smelling oil, mostly on my back and received vitamins and mineral tablets and syrups to help my body fight the disease. It turns out a mushroom was growing on my skin! It sure did not look like sese shamu or shitake!

The treatment made me feel better immediately and I started to put on weight and sleep again the whole night without crazy itchy feeling. But it took a while for my hair to grow back once my skin was healthy and the people here at the shelter said that I still needed the treatment two weeks after I looked cured because those mushroom guys are sneaky and they can hide and come back if the treatment was stopped too early.

I did not mind and massages are always good. I am perfectly healthy now but I heard my grandpa is not able to take care of me anymore. I feel sad when I think I might never see him again. But the shelter is struggling for space and they say it is better for me to go on with my life in a new loving family. They are afraid I might get sick again or even catch something worse and put my life in danger. I am only one year and a half after all and my whole life in front of me! Please come and see me at the shelter! I am sure if you meet me in person, you will want us to be friends.

And my new hair is so white and clean and beautiful that it deserve a lot of patting and petting!! Please call the shelter and ask for Pimkie!