Hello, my name is Pumpkin,

I am so excited that it is my turn to be on the Kuensel column! I am also a bit sad thinking about what to write, because I do not really know where I come from and who my parents are. Some compassionate people found me late at night on the street in Thimphu. I was really small and sick and I was very lucky as they brought me to the animal shelter.

It took a long time before I was better, but that was ok because I could sleep next to the heater and play with the other puppies when I had some energy. You know it is very important to have other animals around when you are sick. It feels really good and safe. I was really lucky because there were also cats where I was staying and they often curled up around me to keep me company. I am really grateful for all the attention from the humans here and the other animals around me, because it made me happy and helped me to get better much quicker.

Now I have become a really lively and naughty puppy, who loves to play and cuddle, and run around chasing whatever moves. But with all the sick dogs coming in at the shelter all the time, it is getting very full here. That is why I think it is better if I find a new home, so another sick puppy can take my place at the shelter. I really hope that you will like me, as I would love to have a new family, maybe with children and a garden as I love to play and run around!