Hello lo lo !!

My name is Nakoum and I come from RTC originally.

I am one of the few dogs that some of the students were taking care of, up there at the campus.

A few months ago, I somehow got sick and was brought to the shelter to get more specialised attention and care for a while. Creams, shampoos, pills, and big meals brought me back on my feet. Unfortunately, the student who was taking care of me is now gone and I am not sure I want to take the risk to go back there without a proper guardian by my side.

I am a small girl with a lot of stamina but I am not much of a fighter and I do not like to get in trouble with other dogs for food or sleeping places. My dream is to find a new family with kids because I love to learn new tricks, go and fetch, roll on my belly or walk on my back legs alone.

Here I often dance around and wag my tail like a tornado for the pleasure of all the visitors. They say I should join the circus. As I am a tiny and slim girl, I can twist and turn and who knows one day I will walk on my front legs with my bum up or I jump hoops. That is what I like to do already.

I am just a year old, jolly and happy but I can also be quiet and calm, happy to listen to your problems and happy stories or just be there for you. So please, come and meet with me at the shelter and we can get to know each other. There are many of us up here looking for a fresh start and a new loving family. Ask for Nakoum at the gate: My friends and I will be waiting to see you soon.