Hello everybody,

My name is Popje and I am a little doggie girl of 4 months.

I am very cute and soft and I arrived at the shelter as a baby because I have lost my mummy.

I do not remember much of what happened because I was so little but someone found me alone in the street and was worried I was going to get hurt or even be killed by a car. So, they picked me up and phoned the shelter to make sure I was going to be in a safe place. I joined the puppies ward and quickly made new friends: Muffin, Sippy, Mani, Jygme. Actually, Jygme is a cat, and there were many cats with us in our room. This is because dogs get friendly with cats when they are young and then, they are not trying to chase them or hurt them when they grow older. And at the shelter, the humans are really trying to have all of us get to know each other and live together in harmony. It is such a good feeling to have friends from every species; my special friend is Namgay the young macaque nurse who is helping at the shelter. She was very much like a mum to me when I first arrived.

I was shy and a little scared of her but she slowly taught me to be a little more curious and brave and, after a few days I was taking my naps in her arms while she was petting me. She is like a mum to many kittens as well and I have heard that she also nursed Pigou the pig when he first got here and was only 3 weeks old. My best friend here now is Piku, a little shepherd dog who is handicapped. He cannot walk much but we still have fun and love to chew on old toys together!

Now that I am older, I have joined some of the bigger doggies and I have heard that I might get a family of my own! I do not mind what you look like or what age or color you are, if you are a human or a horse I still will love you; I just want to be loved in return and have a little space in your arms or close to you to take my naps… Please call the shelter and ask for Popje. It means little doll in Dutch, and it is really what I am.