My name is Tchaytchay and I am a really small pup as you can see on the picture.

I was brought to the shelter when I was four weeks and had just started to eat a little bit of solid food. Two weeks later, I drink my special puppy milk three times a day and a warm mix of rice and milk and cooked meat twice a day. I cannot drink cow milk because it is too fat for dogs and the calcium and other nutrients content is too low. Of course, if you have nothing else at home, cow milk will save puppies, kitten and many other small mammal orphans, but you would also need to give extra vitamins and mineral to help them grow better and not have rickets (calcium and phosphorus deficiency where our legs are not straight anymore) or a very low defense system against viruses in our body.

I am so lucky I was rescued and can stay at the shelter because I know I would not have survived one night alone outside in the cold winter with my empty stomach. Food is calories, and calories are keeping you warm inside when it is freezing. So, if you want to help us dogs and cats in the streets and you cannot lend us a little warmer place to stay, please give us some food so we can fight the cold weather ourselves. A little rice with butter or oil will go a long way cause fat is highly caloric. Even the birds need little butter in a cup on a branch to help them survive winter.

But I am in this column to find a loving family and even if I am very small, the shelter people know I need to be adopted soon because staying with so many other dogs without being vaccinated is very dangerous. I am too small to have my shots yet and even if I am kept separated, viruses and bacteria are all around and I am at risk. So, please come and visit the shelter. Maybe you will have a warm place for me in your heart to help me survive this winter and many more to come.

Thank you.