My name is Jigme and I am two and a half months old. I have a beautiful red and white coat and my blue eyes pops through. I arrived at the shelter when I was still very small, with a big bunch of other puppies. The weather was very cold and it was right in the middle of the winter.

I was unlucky to be born in winter and with my mom struggling to find something to eat, my siblings and I as well as many other pups were starting to starve due to lack of milk. No food for mommy, no milk for baby.

The shelter people usually try to bring warm and rich food from different areas in Thimphu and Paro to help supplement the normal diet of us street dogs so we can survive in our own environment with a little helping hand. The shelter is a nice place and I know people there would like to help and give all the animals in the world a safe haven to live in and thrive, but the lack of space, workers, volunteers, and funds restrict the number of dogs who can stay for the whole winter.

I was one of the lucky one and my mom, my brother and sister were given a ride up here and full room and board to recover from our really weak state. In less than a month, mom is looking much better and a warm coat protects her frail body. She does not need to feed us more than once a day so she can keep the food she eats to grow some love handles.

As for myself, I want to help give another pup a better start in life and leave my comfy shelter basket for a permanent home with a new family. Mom said its ok. I am a big boy now and I need to make new friends and share all the love I received here with the world. Please come and see me and maybe I am the one for you to love as well.

Thank you.