Kuzuzangpo la,

Gutentag! My name is Hannah and I am a Pomeranian dog.

I am just showing off. I cannot really speak German but because we, Pomeranian, are originally from Germany, I tried to give you a little bit of folklore. I already appeared in this column about a year ago but didn’t get adopted. Then unfortunately I got a very bad ear infection. It was one of those infections that required surgery and when I woke up after the operation, I had lost a part of my ear. I then learned that I had a cancer and that it was very necessary to remove it as well as all the tissue around it to be safe. I was very lucky it was caught on time and I am now cancer free. I have heard there is more and more cancer cases among dogs, cats and humans as well.

So we all have to be very careful with what we eat, what we drink, what we put or not on our skins but mostly we need to care about our environment, the air we breathe and the water which runs through our beautiful land. So, to come back to me, I am a beautiful one eared survivor and my illness taught me that looks, beautiful white coats and external appearance are just a superficial envelop; my real beauty lies in my compassionate, generous and friendly attitude towards other dogs and human alike.

Please come to visit us at the shelter and we can learn to know each other and maybe we will become the best of friends. I am now a very healthy young lady and I hope to find my own family to go on with my life and to find happiness!