Kuzu kuzu!

My name is Lama. No, I am not a Buddhist lama. I am too young and not wise enough and I spend my days playing with my sister Lhamo and my brother Lemo.

Believe it or not the three of us arrived at different dates at the shelter but with the same injuries. Lhamo on Monday, myself on Wednesday and Lemo on Friday. T

hree different people rescued us from the same place in Lungtenphu. Talk about luck or, is it karma? The problem is, it seems that the injuries we came with, i.e. back leg trauma, were inflicted on purpose. Fortunately, we are too young to remember. But the reality is, one bad person hurt the three of us.

I know some people are afraid of dogs and can defend themselves, hurting the dog in the process. Those are not bad people. They are just at the wrong place at the wrong time and so is the dog. This is often a big misunderstanding but, we were just tiny puppies and I can’t imagine anybody being afraid of us.

As we were found near a school, I suspect some bully might have taken an aim at us with a stone or his foot. This is very sad to think that a little boy or girl must express himself or herself through violence as a result of a sad history. I feel a lot of compassion for those for whom violence is a daily part of life. I am so lucky and happy to be out of this cycle of violence, survival and life on the streets where you can meet the worst of people and the best of people.

This is those good people that my sister, brother and I would like to remember and thank today.

Without the good people we met, we would not be here today. I am so looking forward to find a place in a good family. So please come to visit the shelter and meet with my siblings and I, to maybe find new friends and bring us to our new and definitive home.

Thank you.