My name is Lhamo and I am the sister of Lama who introduced himself in this column last week. Remember the cutest puppy with the beautiful blue eyes? Well yes, I do look like him but with beautiful brown eyes like a hot chocolate drink on a winter Sunday afternoon. If you remember our story, we were brought at the shelter together with a leg injury but now we are perfectly fine: no more broken bones, no limping, the three of us are trotting around like little troupers.

We know it is difficult for a family to adopt the three of us together. And as we are getting older, we are more self-assured, more independent and, if need be, we can continue our lives with each our own loving family. After all, a new friend is like a new family member and sometime even more. I hope many people will want to come and visit us at the shelter in Yusipang. I mean not only my brothers and I, but all of us doggies, big and small, young and old, and give us a chance to show how friendly, funny, playful, and cute most of us are.

There are some bigger boys who are stronger, more confident and may look scary to those who don’t know them. They are wonderful guard dogs and we feel safe at night that they roam around the property. We are all waiting and hoping for a chance to be adopted. So please give us a call and ask for Lhamo. Everyone at the shelter knows me and it will be my pleasure to show you around.

Thank you!