Kuzu kuzu

My name is Ginger and I am one of the new kittens at the shelter.

All the other kitties are grey and look like mini-tigers. I am a red little boy and my hair is slightly longer. I hope it keeps growing so I can get a thick and warm coat before winter. I do hope I will be able to find a family soon. I want to have great friends to play with, great laps to rest on and a nice heater to sleep close to. Maybe I can even be adopted with one of the other kitties I play with all day. That would be lovely.

I know people say that we felines are independent, strong headed and sometimes loners with cool and distant behaviour. That might be true for some of us; life is hard and we often need to toughen up to be able to keep going. But all the kittens and I know we need love and attention, warmth and tenderness. We are not independent at all and are looking for a mum or a dad to help us grow up and be proud of us. In return, we promise to be the best kitties we can be, purring, playing and keeping their feet warm at night in the bed. I am not sure why, but new cats arrive every day at the shelter. So, if you have no time to cuddle with a kitty, some of the bigger cats are also looking for a nice family. Yes, they are independent, but trust me, they will reward your compassion and generosity with much love and affection if you offer them a safe place to call home