Hello everybody!

This is cat season at the shelter. New cats are being brought and rescued nearly every day since the beginning of the month. This is why more and more of us Kitties, Tom cats, Queens, and feline beauties are appearing in the newspaper central page looking for a nice loving family.

This time, we are five new kittens from two different mums looking for a safe place to grow up and become someone’s best friend. We are all the same age, two and a half months old, which is funny and great because we can play nicely together without having a bigger Tom cat trying to bully us or steal all our food at lunch and dinner.

Unfortunately, one of us is blind. His name is Cookie and this is what happened: One little boy tried to open his eyes when he was born because his parents did not tell him that kittens, puppies and lots of other animals are born with their eyes closed. The eyes open by themselves after 10 days. No need to do anything, especially do not try to open forcefully! It is terribly painful for us and we end up blind for sure.

But we are all healthy, friendly and happy. Blind or not, we are all cuties who can make you happy, smile and laugh with our cute games and fluffy hair. Give us a chance to get to know you and purr this winter on your lap or keep you warm in the bed! Call the shelter and ask for the five cuties!

Everybody knows us already and want to cuddle us. Please give us a real family and we will cuddle you. Thank you.