Kuzu kuzu!

We are the cutest puppy twins you ever saw in this column! At least, this is what our foster mummy tells us.

We arrived at the shelter two weeks ago from Taba. We were vomiting a lot and bleeding from our noses and the people there said we had been poisoned. One nice lady named Jigme, who loves dogs and help the ones in trouble, saw us in distress and quickly decided to seek help for us. She phoned the shelter and, thank God, it was open even on Sundays. Someone came to pick us up from Subji Bazaar where Jigme had brought us from Taba.

The shelter people were there collecting the damaged fruits and vegetables from the market to feed the “Tshetar” animals like goats and pigs. Since then, we have completely recovered and we are ready to be adopted. It is too dangerous for me and my brother to go back to Taba. Some bad people want to kill us even if we, puppies, have never done any harm to anyone. And even if our parents have been naughty or mean, killing is never a solution. It is just an easy way out for the bully or the powerful not to address issues and solve problems intelligently. But we are just pups and our voice is not heard so we need the nice people to talk for us.

Please come and see us at the shelter and help save our life a second time by offering us a loving, caring and safe place to stay. We would love to stay together me and my twin brother because we are still very small. You will see, we don’t take much space. We just need a little space in your heart.