Hello everybody

My name is Topsy and I might look familiar to those of you who read this column regularly.

I was in the paper a bit more than a year ago trying to find my family. Yes, my family, not an adoptive new mum and dad, but my own mommy.

I was brought at the shelter 20 months ago after falling from the balcony where I was playing. The brother of my mom brought me to the shelter at night and I recovered after a few weeks in a cast for my broken leg.

Unfortunately, as I had a very big fall from the building, my head hit the concrete and I was left blind from the head trauma. Nevertheless, the shelter informed my mum’s brother that I was fine and could go back home. So I started waiting and waiting to see mom again but no one came to pick me up. Months passed by, but nothing happened. That is when I appeared in the paper, not to find my mom, but to find a new family. But then, a miracle happened. My own Mom phoned the shelter and was very surprised I was alive. I don’t know why and will never know but her brother had told her I was dead. She was not in Thimphu, but promised to come pick me up after a month when she was back home. That was more than a year ago. I have been waiting and waiting and hoping that I mean something to my family. Everybody here tells me to let go and look forward to a bright new life but I still want my mommy and asked for a last try at finding her. Maybe they are right, maybe I should just forgive and forget, and maybe You are my new and REAL mom or dad or brother and sister. I am just throwing this bottle at sea. After all, maybe I am lucky that if I cannot have my first family, my true family can choose me! Thank you.