Kuzuzangpo to all of you… 

and a big hello to my mom and family if you are reading this column! I am Mambo and I am so happy to be in the central pages today! Did you see the Topsy story the other week? He was trying to get in touch with his mom who thought he was dead. He has no news yet, but that gave me an idea! I am also looking for my family but the difference is, I know they cared for me and want to know what happened to me! My mom brought me at the shelter when I was sick.

No one believed that I would survive for long and if I did, I would be handicapped and maybe seriously brain damaged. The disease I had is named Distemper. It is a viral infection and there is no treatment for it. The only way not to catch it, is to get vaccinated! If you get infected with Distemper (and it is very contagious among dogs, but not for people or cats), your only hope is to have a strong immune system to fight it and be lucky to have a family or a great place to keep you in Intensive Care. I had both… and I am still alive! I am still a little shaky on my legs.

My name is Mambo, I know it suits me and adds to my charm! I know my family contacted the shelter long time ago to get news about me after I was admitted at the ICU, but their phone and contact information got misplaced and we could not contact them anymore. They all probably thought I was no more, which was the most likely outcome. But I know they cared and will be so happy to hear from me!! Yes, it’s me Mambo! My dad was working for the Hydropower project and my sister studied in Sherubtse College! Please call me at the shelter, I have missed you all and I hope Kuensel can help reunite us and make a miracle happen!  Paws crossed….