Kuzuzangpo La!

My name is Alex. Some of you will recognize me. Yes the big boy in the front of the picture.

I was already in this column with my sister Alexandra, remember – the two cute puppies from Taba?

So first, a very big piece of good news: Alexandra has been adopted by a wonderful lady named Ann who was visiting Bhutan. She opened the Kuensel, saw us in the K2 pages, fell in love with her and is taking her to California. The funny thing is, she is a very tiny pup and I look more and more like a Tibetan Mastiff. I am already four times bigger than her and I am starting to believe she is not my real sister. Mind you, it can happen.

One of us might already have been adopted very early on by our mom. Life is tough in the street and many puppy dogs or kittens become orphans, but can be adopted by another mommy dog who will save their lives. Whatever the truth, my tiny sister and I are family and I am very happy for her. I met her new human mother and I know they will be so happy together. As for myself, I will for sure be growing to be a very big boy and I am still looking for a family. I am a real Bhutanese dog and I like to be called a Bhutanese Mastiff!

So please, come and visit the shelter. I am sure we can get to know each other and you may give me a little space in your house and a big place in your heart.

Thank you.