It was a week of anticipation and festivity. We came together as a nation, celebrated the 60th birth anniversary of His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo. We paid our tribute, offered our prayers and thanked a King for his selfless service to the country and the people.

The celebrations are over. The towns that had been decked up for the big occasion are getting stripped of their decorations. People are returning to the villages and to work. As we return to work as farmers, civil servants, soldiers, corporate employees or dashos or ministers, there is no better time to reflect on the week that comes to an end today.

Fresh in our memory is His Majesty The King’s address to the nation that he delivered from Changlimethang and listened across the country and beyond. In paying his gratitude to His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo, His Majesty The King had summed up what the celebrations were all about. It was an occasion to not only reflect on past achievements, it was in His Majesty’s words, an occasion to take stock of our present responsibilities and pledge our efforts in planning our future, a brighter future.

There was wisdom in every line of the address. There was message for all of us.

His Majesty The King reminded the nation about the hardship the country faced when His Father took over the reins in 1972. There were less roads, schools, hospitals and doctors. Against all odds, His Majesty Drukgyal Zhipa steered our country to an age of peace and prosperity.

We could interpret this as a reminder to the people that we are richer and better off today and that we shouldn’t bask in the success of our forefathers. This translates into more work that needs to be done. We may have the highest per capita income in the South Asian region, but we are not spared from the real problems like rising unemployment, especially youth unemployment. We may be richer in terms of GDP, but not spiritually. Where are our community values heading? These are the challenges we face in ensuring a better and brighter future.

A profound message was on integrity. “With integrity, all our endeavours will bear abundant fruit. If the sacred commitment of integrity exists between King, country, government and people, it will benefit the country manifold,” His Majesty said in His address.  We could interpret this integrity at individual levels, as the sum total will matter in where we head as a nation. The legacies left by our forefathers set lofty standards for future leaders. That is one of the reasons why we should put aside personal ambitions and self interests, maintain the integrity of the system, and share His pledge to serve the people.

His Majesty shared with the people His observations while serving His Father. For an average Bhutanese, it is an interesting story. But we could interpret that His Majesty The King indicated there was no room for complacency and mediocrity

As we return to take our daily jobs, we could take cue that is the direction we must head in shouldering our responsibilities.