About 25 educators took part in designing course models with supporting delivery methods for enhancing active student learning experience on the last day of the student centred workshop in Thimphu.

It stressed on the importance of how to plan lessons that are aligned with the learning outcomes.

Facilitator from Singapore Polytechnic International (SPI) Lee Chong Hwa said that teachers make active student learning experience possible. “We cannot anticipate what questions would be raised and what kind of dynamic the group may have, but, by planning how each activity looks like, we go to the class with the capability to adapt to the teaching methods,” he said. He said teachers need to empathise students’ needs and envision intended learning outcomes for them.

He added that when learning activities are developed, they should be constructively aligned with intended learning outcomes supported by learning modes.

A lecturer of Royal Institute of Management (RIM), Dhanapati Mishra said that educators facilitate somebody’s learning process. “This workshop widened our perspectives, and also equipped us with varieties of tools and methods to put students at the centre of education and make them more responsible for their learning.”

A lecturer from Samtse College of Education (SCE), Lhapchu said that they have been using constructive alignment but it was not effective. “Modes of delivery and methods exist and we try to incorporate these techniques in the system but it was not effective because the learning outcomes and the activities were not aligned,” he said.

Lee Chong Hwa, said lecturers need to keep on growing. “As lecturers, let’s shift the way we think. We are not just the presenter of information and we are not just a communicator of information anymore; we design and envision how student learning will evolve. We design for the experience, how student will experience learning.”

He said that to design lessons, clear learning outcomes must be set and any prior knowledge or skills of students identified.

Rinchen Zangmo