Lyonpo Dorji Choden last week inaugurated the 10.5km Dunglagang GC road, 9.8km road in Barshong and 7.3km road in Semjong in Tsirang.

The dzongkhag  now has all its GC roads blacktopped.

Department of Roads’ chief executive engineer, CB Mongar, said that while the department has completed blacktopping works on all GC roads in Tsirang, certain stretches have been left out. Those are the stretches that fall in marshy areas or loose soil.

“It’ll be a wastage of money blacktopping in such stretches unless proper protection work is carried out,” he said.

Geo-tech experts must first observe the stretches. The department will later blacktop these stretches, he said.

All GC roads were blacktopped with fund from the Small Development Project based on thumb rule method, which is Nu 2.9M for every kilometre.

CB Mongar said roads of two gewogs – Tsholingkhar and Mendrelgang – being on the highway, did not require blacktopping.

Staff reporter