With the commissioning of internet connectivity and reception of BBS channels I and II in Naro and Soe gewogs, Thimphu, communications ministry (MoIC) has connected all the un-connected gewogs in the country with Internet.

A press release from MoIC states that the two gewogs were successfully connected following the inauguration of internet connectivity and BBS I and II signal reception on April 17 through South Asia Satellite.  “The citizens of these gewogs now have access to G2C services as well as BBS channels.”

It states that MoIC has also uplinked the BBS Channel I and II to the South Asia Satellite through which the channels can be accessible in all parts of Bhutan. “MoIC provided TV dishes and tested the availability of the BBS channels in a few places where the channels were not available earlier.”

Bjoka gewog, Langdurbi and Digala in Bardo gewogs under Zhemgang; Serthi and Lauri gewog centre under Samdrupjongkhar; and Lokchina gewog in Chukha now have access to BBS channel I and II. 

Staff reporter