… class XII repeaters should be allowed to apply for govt. scholarship abroad

Phurpa Lhamo 

The Opposition recommended the government to allow class X and XII students to repeat without conditions.

In a press release issued yesterday afternoon, it stated that it is a constitutional duty of the government to provide free education up to 10th grade. “Further, class XII repeaters should be given an equal opportunity to apply for government scholarships abroad.”

The education ministry issued a notification on April 17 stating repeaters would be allowed in the government school only if they fulfilled five conditions.

One of the conditions was that the student shouldn’t have repeated in class IX or XI.

Other conditions were the availability of the seats in the schools, 90 percent attendance in the last academic session with exceptions on medical grounds, no adverse records in the school, and shouldn’t be registered as private or supplementary candidates.

According to the Opposition, many students who failed in classes X and XII were confused and disappointed as the existing policy does not allow them to repeat more than once in the same grade.

The press release quoted the circular issued on November 4, 2013, which allowed students, who have failed in classes X and XII, to repeat once in the same government school from the 2014 academic session.

The Opposition claimed that the education system should not deny youth, not even a single one, the opportunity to continue their education if they are interested. “It is also learnt that many grade X passed children with lower scores are facing difficulties in finding admission to study in grade XI.”

It also recommended the government to ensure that all grade X passed students get admission to study in grade XI.

“The current policy might end up doing more harm than good in the long run,” the press release claimed.

The Opposition also asked the government to review the policy that does not allow class XII repeaters to apply for government-sponsored professional studies.

“A student repeats in the same grade with much pain with the sole aspiration of securing a brighter future. The policy begs for a thorough review,” the press release stated.

It also asked the government to carry out effective advocacies on alternative career paths in technical and vocational education and training.