Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay met the Ambassadors of Turkey, Spain and Myanmar to Bhutan at the Gyalyong Tshogkhang yesterday.  Lyonchhen welcomed the Ambassadors to Bhutan and congratulated them on presenting their Credentials to His Majesty The King and being appointed as the new Ambassadors to Bhutan.

Lyonchhen thanked the Ambassador of Turkey to Bhutan Sakir Ozkan Torunlar, for the contribution to the Health Trust Fund and informed the Ambassador that all essential drugs are procured from the fund. “The government is almost reaching the target of doubling the trust fund. Our Fourth King has established a system of providing free health care and we have to continue this legacy,” Lyonchhen said. Lyonchhen and the Ambassador discussed aviation and tourism among others.

Lyonchhen also thanked the people and government of Spain for the support extended to Bhutan through the European Union. “ Besides India, EU is our biggest developing partner,” Lyonchhen said.

Ambassador Jose Ramon Baranano Fernandez said he and his country is “open to cooperating with Bhutan in every possible field.” Lyonchhen and  Ambassador Fernandez discussed water management, environment, agriculture, tourism, climate change and sports.

Ambassador of Republic of the Union of Myanmar to Bhutan, Maung Wai,  said during his meeting with the prime minister that he is familiar with the Gross National Happiness concept and admire this concept. “Myanmar can learn a lot from this country.”

Discussing water management, Lyonchhen informed the Ambassador that the government has decided to set up a Water Commission. Lyonchhen also informed him about the government’s initiatives to protect the environment and watersheds.

Lyonchhen and the Ambassador also discussed hydropower, health and tourism. Lyonchhen said that by cooperating in the areas of mutual interest the two countries could learn from each other’s success and failure.

Meeting Lyonchhen, the Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Bhutan, Maria Cristina Ueltschi,  said that she is looking forward to working with Bhutan.  Lyonchhen and the Ambassador discussed agriculture, tourism and water management among others.

Staff reporter