The ongoing exhibition at the Royal Textile Academy titled “Tashi Gomang: A National Treasure of Bhutan” is yet another major contributions of Her Majesty Grand Mother Kesang Choeden Wangchuck to the Drukyul. Her Majesty’s kind intervention and patronage to preserve the legacy of Tashi Gomang is timely and will go a long way in enriching our Bhutanese cultural and traditional heritage and for dharma to flourish in our Kingdom.

While Tashi Gomangs are on the verge of disappearance, Lam Manips are on the verge of extinction. Only 34 Tashi Gomangs are registered in the country with only two surviving Lam Manips, aged 72 and 84. Our senior citizens recall of our valleys, not so long ago, being filled with melodious chanting of prayers by the Lam Manips, mostly at night. Of course, they were often accompanied by barking dogs.

Amazingly, the Tashi Gomang has a rich story to tell, relating beautifully to our history. Indeed, each of the 34 Tashi Gomangs on display has a story to tell, of certain locality or monastery they belonged to. According to a story behind the model Tashi Gomang on display, which was built by Zow Balip on the instructions of Zhabdrung Rinpoche, emanated the auspicious Tendril and successful construction of Pungthang Dewa Chenpoi Phodrang.

His Holiness The Je Khenpo said that the Tashi Gomangs are a source of accumulating merit and an object for offering and making prostrations for all beings. Besides their sacredness they also showcase a high level of Buddhist arts and crafts.

Her Majesty’s enlightened activity through the Tashi Gomang project with the objective to revive our unique 379-year-old tradition of portable altars, including training of future Lam Manips, will go a long way in preserving our national treasure that is on the brink of annihilation.

With blessings of the multi-doors of Tashi Gomang, each embodied by a sacred stupa, may the Drukyul continue to enjoy peace, prosperity, and happiness for all times to come.

We take this opportunity to thank Her Majesty Grand Mother Kesang Choeden Wangchuck for all the divine contributions she has made all these years, for which our country continues to gain merit and receive blessings.

We wish Her Majesty good health and long life.