As Bhutan celebrates the birth anniversary of His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo, the occasion provides an opportunity to reflect on how fortunate Bhutanese are to have a People’s King serving the people and the nation.

Drukyul’s continued peace, prosperity and progress, security and sovereignty are the results of outstanding leadership and selfless services of our successive monarchs. Their immense sacrifices in building our country must be cherished and remembered by all Bhutanese for all times to come.

Today, the biggest inspiration for the Bhutanese people is His Majesty, who is selflessly and tirelessly serving the people from all walks of life. Our politicians and public servants have His Majesty as the inspiration to serve the people and the country.

His Majesty The King’s unwavering priority continues to ensure the success of democracy and a just and harmonious society. The country has seen three successful general elections resulting in three different political parties coming to power to govern.

Democracy is deepening, the people are experiencing the power of their votes and the country is prospering in peace.

The fundamentals of democracy are well instituted in the last eleven years. People are exercising their franchise in choosing their leaders to fulfill their wishes and serve the country; the elected are trying their best to fulfill those wishes through the civil or public service machinery. Most important of all, our Constitution works and it’s all made possible with the guidance from the Golden Throne.

The occasion is a good time to reflect on the message of our Druk Gyalpo in His 111th National Day address, “Therefore, I consider all of us – the King, the government, civil service, elected representatives, and the people of Bhutan – extremely fortunate to be granted this singular opportunity to serve our country.”

His Majesty The King is a symbol of unity for Bhutan. At a time when we are going through social and political transformation, it is important that we remember that our stability lies in His Majesty. The celebration is a time to reflect on our responsibilities to serve the Tsawa Sum.

We join the Nation to offer our prayers for His Majesty’s continued good health and happiness.