Thinley Namgay  

Animal Life Saving Association in Thimphu has decided to file a case against its representative in Gelephu this month.   

This is following recent media report about stray tshethar animals in Sarpang affecting crops and dying due to lack of grass and water.

The association has clarified that Gelephu’s animal life saving organiser is now not a part of the association. 

According to members, the association received a complaint about the Gelephu organiser.  In May, the association had stopped transferring money to his account and was removed from the post.     

Association’s member Singye Dorji said that the organiser had defamed the association on WeChat and Telegram groups stating that the association is bias.  

He said that the association would take the organiser to court as he refused to submit bills and agreement letter about the procurement of tshethar animals.   

According to Singye Dorji, the association would pursue a court case to find out whether the organiser had bought animals from the slaughterhouse, and whether the tshethar animal’s procurement bills and agreement are as per the law. 

He said that the court case would stop the misuse of public donations for tshethar.  

Gelephu organiser took his responsibility in January this year.

One of the members said that the organiser told them that he bought 400 tshethar cattle, and 684 were offered free of cost.

Accordingly, the association transferred Nu 8.6 million (M) to the organiser’s account. Moreover, Nu 20,000 was sent to pay compensation after he claimed that animals had affected the crops.  

The organiser claimed that Nu 14M was incurred while buying the animals.

Association said it would verify the claims. 

According to members, the organiser reported that the animals were dying.

“Association will find out whether the deceased animals were among tshethar cattle or those from the lot that was offered free of cost,”  a member said.

Association has requested the organiser to hand over the animals. 

Singye Dorji said that the organiser refused to hand over cattle to the association or transfer to other places despite requests from the Gelephu police and drungkhag administration.    

The association used to send tshethar animals to Wangdue Ganteng Goenpa, Dangchu, Khothangkha, and Phobjikha with a supervisor.   

As per the association, Wangdue has 500 tshethar cattle. Moreover, Haa and Wangdue have 1,000 lanor (highland animals), Paro has 86 pigs, Punakha has 128 pigs, and Tsirang has 100 goats, 50 sheeps and birds.

This year, the association signed an agreement with Thimphu Thromde to look after the stray cattle in the Thimphu Thromde.  

Edited by Tashi Dema