Initiative: An animal lifesaving group called Tshemed Namzhi Tshogpa saved seven oxen and four cows at Dagapela in Dagana from being slaughtered.

The group negotiated the price at Nu 244,000 for the cattle.

Tshewang Namgay, an ortho technician at Dagapela hospital and a member of the lifesaving tshogpa said that he was tipped-off about the cattle being taken for slaughter on the night of January 10.

“We called the owners as soon as we received the information and saved the animals the same night,” he said.

The tshogpa has to pay the owners today after being given a week’s time.

Sources said that people usually take their cattle for slaughter at midnight as slaughtering is not allowed in the community and if caught, the owner will be fined Nu 20,000-30,000 for each animal.

A member of the tshogpa said that several animals destined for slaughter in Dagana have been saved by the group.

Tshewang Namgay explained that after buying the cattle from the owners, they request the owner not to plan the slaughter of anymore of their animals.

The tshogpa has 1,500 members online and money is collected through the group on social media platform WeChat.

The group has so far collected more than Nu 70,000. Tshewang Namgay said that hospital staff have also contributed.

The saved cattle will be sent to Sephu in Wangdue as the tshogpa has hired a cow herder and grazing land there. “We send the animal feed and other requirements to the cow herder,” Tshewang Namgay said.

The tshogpa has so far saved more than 200 animals destined for slaughter.

Yeshey Dema | Dagana