The Ministry of Information and Communications’ (MOIC) information and communications technology (ICT) division developed a mobile application to monitor fare overcharge and ensure safety for those travelling during the night.

The app, DRUKtransport, which was launched on December 6, is expected to curb fare overcharge for taxis and public transports.

MoIC’s senior ICT officer, Tshering Dhendup, said that the application was developed since there were lots of complaints about fare hike on social media.

He said that some taxi drivers hike the fare when there are roadblocks due to landslide and during school breaks.

Features such as ‘know taxi’ and ‘plan your trip’ is not yet available in the mobile app. “We are working on developing and updating features and the app is not yet user-friendly,” Tshering Dhendup said. “We would be enhancing these features.”

He said that features such as the timing of bus arrival and departure would be estimated as many people spend hours waiting for the bus.

The ICT officer said that features such as locating and tracking taxis, the profile of taxi drivers, call-in taxis, broadcast of the destination taxi drivers are headed to through the mobile app, and the numbers of taxi drivers would be incorporated and developed to make travelling easy and safe. “Booking a driving test, renewing and replacing driving license and learner license, and paying fine online are some of RSTA online services will also be incorporated.”

At present, features such as calculating taxi fares for long and local distance is available. “A feature to complain and report on overcharge of taxi fare is also included.”

He said that five people used the feature and three used it to complain about overcharging.

However, the app is available only in the Android version as of now.

Tshering Dhendup said that the division is planning on making the app available for IOS and windows phone.

The mobile app was developed as part of the training on the mobile app developed conducted by Department of Technology and Telecom (DITT).

He also said that the division was trying to make the app user-friendly when it came to accessibility and reach of the app.

There have been about 100 downloads of the app as of December 15.

Rinchen Zangmo


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