… organiser claims teams were informed of the change in prize

 Thinley Namgay

Team Choglay Namgyal recently filed a case in Samtse dzongkhag court charging the coordinator of 2022 Druk Super Star Archery Championship of altering the runners-up prize to bow instead of an electric scooter.

The team charged the organiser, Kencho Wangdi for deception and demanded that he pays the prize as per the law.

The court registered the case, and informed the organiser about it on December 21.  Team Choglay Namgyal captain Sonam Peljor, who works in Samtse filed the case on behalf of the team.

Choglay Namgyal, a Phuentsholing-based team was the first runners-up of the Druk Super Star Archery Championship 2022 final at Danglo archery range in Namselling, Thimphu on October 29.

The team submitted to the court that the promised prize for the second position was an electric scooter each, but was changed to Prime bow which is Nu 15,000 less than the third prize Cha-zhu bow.

On July 25, it was announced in the BBS that each team has to pay an entry fee of Nu 19,500 and the winner will be taken on a 25-day tour of Australia, followed by an electric scooter each for first runners-up, and Cha-zhu bow for the third position.

“181 teams participated in the tournament and the fee collection amounts to Nu 3,529,500,” team Choglay Namgyal submitted to the court, adding that Kencho Wangdi on October 29 informed them suddenly that he can’t provide an electric scooter as there were no sellers. “But he assured the team that the second prize would be worth more than the third prize.”

“When we unwrapped the prize while reaching home, it was different. While contacting local shops, we understood that the bow cost only Nu 95,000 at the most. We also knew that there will be no buyer of this bow,” team Choglay Namgyal submitted to the court.

As per the team, Kencho Wangdi told them to report to wherever they want while enquiring, saying that they have taken the prizes. 

“He said there is no electric scooter seller, but Babesa Ford and Eicher Showrooms have been selling two types of electric scooter worth Nu120,000 and Nu 125,000.”

“A Cha-zhu bow costs Nu 105,500,” said the team. “We told Kencho Wangdi to give Nu 95,000 each instead of a bow, but he told us to wait for a few days and didn’t get back to us.”

Meanwhile, Kencho Wangdi said the government has banned the import of two-wheelers and there was no electric vehicle seller at that time.

“The changes in the prize were discussed with the team and also revealed during the BBS live show. The team had agreed.”

Kencho Wangdi said the cost of a Cha-zhu bow is Nu 105,000 in the market, but he had a deal with the proprietor of Cha-zhu bow to promote the product. “I got a discount of Nu 25,000 for each bow, which comes to Nu 80,000. I calculated the second prize based on this.”

Regarding the refusal to pay for the prize in cash instead of a bow, he said, “How can I pay in cash once the prize is distributed?”

Kencho Wangdi said that if the team was concerned about the prize, they should have told him when he asked them about the change of prize. “None of them asked me.”

He said that he didn’t say what exactly the second prize was, but told the team that the worth of that prize could be anything ranging from Nu 90,000 to Nu 100,000.