Staff reporter 

One hundred and four Bhutanese and an Australian are participating in an archery tournament that started in Canberra, Australia, yesterday.

The tournament called “Druk Hybrid Archery Championship” will have 21 teams with five members each.

According to the tournament organiser, Passang, three teams from Melbourne, three from Brisbane, two from Armidale and 13 from Canberra are participating in the tournament. “Players from Perth and Adelaide could not join this time because of travel restrictions.”

He said the tournament is being conducted to promote Bhutan’s unique identity through the national game. “The tournament would also bring many Bhutanese together and show young Bhutanese in Australia our rich culture and tradition.”

Passang said they established small stalls to showcase Bhutanese cuisine and products. “We are making it interactive with songs and dances to make everyone feel like we are in Bhutan.”

Meanwhile, Australian parliamentarians and officials of the Bhutanese embassy in Canberra graced the event.