In Gomdar gewog in Samdrupjongkhar, people keep a sharp eye on the politicians when they come knocking at their doors for votes.

For the people in Narphung village, lack of proper drinking water and road are some of the major issues. Both the candidates have promised to address the issues.

Denchi village has about 70 households

Denchi village has about 70 households

What the people here are concerned with is not just the lack of necessities as basic as water and road, but politicians remaining unavailabe and approachable after winning the elections.

“We can’t deny that they [politicians] have brought some of developmental activities such as road and mobile towers in the villages. But once they win the elections, it is difficult approaching them. They hardly come to the villages and, when they do, they have police around them and we can’t even go near them,” said a villager.

Another villager said that candidates in the past visited the village only about two times in five years.

From Denchhi village, Tshewang Dorji, 37, shared similar stories. “I don’t know what happens. I thought they were there to address our issues, but after elections, they hardly come to the villages. People are a little unhappy about this.”

Most of the villagers of Denchhi work at various sites out of their fields for income. Denchhi village has about 70 households.

“I sold some of my vegetables to a person and haven’t received my cash yet. The two candidates have promised to create market and shorten the route to schools for the children. But I am not sure anymore,” said Tshewang Dorji.

He added that the candidates in the past promised the activities.

From Gonong, Ngawang Dorji, 30, said that people were aware of the pledges of the candidates. “I am hoping to choose someone who is honest and has doable pledges for the people.  And someone who will interact with the villagers regularly.”

Phurpa Lhamo | Samdrupjongkhar


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