Share with us few facts about exercise most of us may not know or understand? 

Exercise is overrated and misunderstood:

Most of us harbor the illusion that an hour of intense exercise daily can undo the cost of our inactive and stress filled lives. Exercise can neither outrun our sedentary lifestyle nor our over indulgence in food. More than 80% of us globally are involved in sedentary jobs. We have all made sitting our favorite pose and pass time. Our combined invention of screens, internet, chairs and the abundance of food has made us the most sedentary and sickest generation of all time.

Antidote: Make an active life the air you breathe and exercise the food you eat.

Exercise reduces willpower: Exercising for most people come at a great mental and physical effort greatly depleting your willpower. Your will is a limited resource each day replenished by nutrition and sleep. If you are exercising too hard or too often you deplete it and you have little remaining for other new, challenging and meaningful activities in your life. Frequent signs of Impatience, lack of focus, irritability, postponing what is important, quitting, negativity and lack of enthusiasm are tell tell signs of a depleted and weak willpower.

Antidote: Learn when to exercise and when not to.

Psychological benefits of exercise: Most people begin exercising because of physiological reasons, while most who continue to exercise do so because they experience and understand it’s contribution to their psychological health as well. Exercise is one of the most reliable path to understanding your mind. Movement and exercise trigger a host of soothing and nurturing hormones like growth hormone, endorphin, adrenaline, endocannabinoid and brain derived neurotrophic factor. The more frequently you move and exercise the more frequently you access these natural drugs our bodies are very capable of producing in honor of our overall physiological and psychological wellbeing.

Advice: Pay more attention to how you “FEEL” before, during and after exercise.