How can I eat in a non violent way?  

There are no simple answers to a moral, ethical, environmental and spiritual question such as yours. The planet we live in is very very complex, grossly simplified by the ordinary man and women. Most of us are not willing to put in the level of effort and thought to investigate it for ourselves. We make a minimal effort or passively consume what is most conveniently fed to us, with which we create a manicured picture of the world. We give far too much credit to what we know and way too little value to what we don’t.

I have spent many years practicing, thinking, researching and studying our environment and our body. It is a lifelong quest of mine to work towards understanding the world within and without. For now this is what I can offer you.

Being human: Once born into this material existence we call our bodies. It’s nurturing and pampering comes at the cost of many. No matter what we eat. It comes at the cost of some life. Is the life of a worm worth less than a cow? What about the life that is only visible under a microscope? Is the lack of consciousness in plants an absolute indicator that they feel no pain? Is the inability of animals to think and reason make them a product to be owned, used and consumed by us?

Our food: Everything we eat is nourished by the sun. But we cannot eat sun. Instead we eat plants that use sunshine along with carbon dioxide and water to create energy through the process called photosynthesis. These plants which we have domesticated by clearing forests to grow them in large numbers. The process of clearing forests kills and destroys the homes of many animal, birds and plant life. The process of irrigation and agriculture kills bacteria, insect and worms. It kills the life in the soil and pollutes and destroys our water with the use of pesticide, herbicide and fertilizers. Cows, pigs, sheep and chickens are mass produced under unimaginably painful conditions in captivity violating almost every instinctual and natural expression of their lives and eventually slaughtered for our consumption. The more we eat the more we will continue to treat them this way. Every plate of food is soaked in someone’s blood. Be it an innocent looking tomato or an evil steak!

The closest way to eat in a non violent way is to consume only what you need, not only in food but also in things and experiences. Consume to sustain yourself, do not consume to stroke an insatiable appetite and desire.

“Man is not born to eat, neither should he live to eat”

-Mahatma Gandhi