How does one maintain and protect their muscles/strength from eroding away whilst sticking to a strict ramadan schedule?


During Ramadan, Muslims don’t eat food or drink any liquids from sunrise to sunset. 

Our muscle do not understand the concept of day and night, it’s blind! 

For a muscle to continue to maintain its strength and size it needs the exact environment it received while being built. Resistance to work your muscle against, nutrients to fuel and repair the broken down tissue, and sufficient sleep for completion of recovery are all non negotiable. The absence of any of these three needs will certainly lead to muscle and strength loss. 

Our bodies are designed to retain only what is essential, a large body of muscle unused is dead weight, hence it begins shedding it over time.

Given your commitment to Ramadan as a Muslim, this is the most efficient way to maintain strength and size. 

Time your workout in a manner that ensures it ends exactly a few minutes prior to sunset, so you can immediately fuel yourself with a whey protein isolate and high glycemic carbohydrates.

Your training should ideally be shorter and as intense as possible. Compound movements are most suited to generate maximal stress within a short period. 

For dinner eat a meal high in protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber. 

Time a mid sleep alarm to consume another easy to digest whey protein shake while in bed.

For breakfast before sunrise eat a meal of whole eggs, oats and fruits, drink as much water as you can stomach. A high carbohydrate rich breakfast and water will help you optimally hydrate and fuel your muscle, making it easier to sustain your muscle, strength and energy levels during the day when you are fasting.