Dear sir, 

I am a student. There are so many goals I want to achieve in my life. But I lack the willpower to be consistent.How can I build my willpower? 

‘The will is our only enemy, the will is our only friend.’ 

Bhagavad Gita 

Willpower is “OUR MENTAL STRENGTH” a tool crucial to help us build new habits, to persevere in the midst of unwelcome change, it is the power needed to resist temptations, an effort needed to control and master emotions, an ability to endure hardships, simply put a non negotiable ingredient required by us all to shape our lives the way we desire it. 

When we set a goal, we are basically seeking a change, anything we are not used to requires a conscious and deliberate effort to sustain. Unfortunately for us, Homo sapiens are moulded through evolution to be “LAZY” and amply rewarded for it, we as a species have been wired to seek the path of least resistance. Hence your need to access and strengthen your willpower to realize your life goals. 

Effective ways to build and nurture your willpower: 

Prioritize sleep: Lack of sleep sucks the life energy out of everything, for most people 8 hours is sufficient. 

Eat well: the use of will taxes our nervous system heavily, which also happens to be the highest consumer of sugar in our bodies. Without sufficient consumption of calories your willpower will be depleted. 

Clarify your “why”: Identify the core reason why you desire your goals. The more it resonates with you at an emotional level the better you can access your will.

Willpower is a muscle: Use it or lose it, if not consistently exercised it withers away hastily. 

Willpower is finite: Will has a limited amount of strength and endurance. Invest the first part of your day into the most challenging and value adding activities. 

Always finish what you start: No matter how small or large a task. Every task quit or left incomplete weakens your will, every task completed strengthens your will.