Dear sir, 

What is the biggest obstacle to happiness?

The biggest obstacle to happiness is “IGNORANCE”

The ignorance of the fact that our “ATTACHMENT” is the root cause of all suffering.

Once we attach ourselves to a thought, a word or an action, we create an identity for ourselves, an “EGO” an identity that is separate from everything and everyone. an optical illusion, an identity that needs to be constantly fed and strengthened by the search, chase and possessions of people, things and experiences. It has an insatiable desire, which can only be momentarily content, constantly famished, dissatisfied, always seeking more, the “present” is never enough.

It thrives on division, the wider it separates itself from all else the safer and more powerful it feels.

Once you have created an “EGO” through attachments, suffering is inevitable, as everything in the external world is subject to change. The law of impermanence. A profitable business venture today will likely incur a loss tomorrow, a loving relationship can turn to hate over an insignificant argument, good health may turn to disease in an instance, a youthful and beautiful appearance over time transforms into an aged garb, all happiness derived from the external world carries a seed of sorrow waiting to express itself. Everything holds in it both good and bad.

In truly understanding this “ignorance” is the first necessary step towards experiencing lasting joy.