Hi Mr Bhutan,

I would like to know your thoughts on Yoga? How good is it for us?

The availability bias fuelled by the flash light of media has led to a very narrow and distorted view of Yoga. The word Yoga is now synonymous with a picture of a Yogi in an impossible looking acrobatic and often contortionist like pose.

There are 8 Limbs or branches of Yoga. The “Asana” or physical poses are only one branch. Yoga is a  practical guide towards preparing a human being to transcend the world of matter. The word “Yoga” simply translates to “Union”

It is a systematic method to help guide an individual to realize the “TRUE SELF” one indivisible entity, one with everything and everyone, there is no separation, it is a path to end of this illusion created by our incessant association with mind, body and matter. Albert Einstein called it “mans optical delusion of his consciousness”

The oldest known text on Yoga. The Yoga sutras of Patanjali describes Asana as a “comfortable and steady pose” a pose that enhances comfort and alertness, not discomfort, challenge and exhaustion, it is not meant as an exercise to work the body. Asana purpose is to train the body to sit still in alertness and comfort, it’s a prerequisite foundation to steady the mind. Through mastery of the body and mind one can transcend the world of matter and reconnect with the “TRUE SELF/ATMAN/ENGLIGHTENMENT/BUDDHA/SATORI/CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS”

I highly encourage the study, understanding and practice of Yoga to everybody who wishes to walk and experience the path to self mastery.

If you apply yourself completely to Yoga, you will transcend all suffering and reside in eternal peace. You will continue to live on this earth but not be of this earth.

“The SELF was never born hence can never die.” – Bhagavad Gita


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