Hi Mr Bhutan,

I would like to know your thoughts on Yoga? How good is it for us?

The availability bias fuelled by the flash light of media has led to a very narrow and distorted view of Yoga. The word Yoga is now synonymous with a picture of a Yogi in an impossible looking acrobatic and often contortionist like pose.

There are 8 Limbs or branches of Yoga. The “Asana” or physical poses are only one branch. Yoga is a  practical guide towards preparing a human being to transcend the world of matter. The word “Yoga” simply translates to “Union”

It is a systematic method to help guide an individual to realize the “TRUE SELF” one indivisible entity, one with everything and everyone, there is no separation, it is a path to end of this illusion created by our incessant association with mind, body and matter. Albert Einstein called it “mans optical delusion of his consciousness”

The oldest known text on Yoga. The Yoga sutras of Patanjali describes Asana as a “comfortable and steady pose” a pose that enhances comfort and alertness, not discomfort, challenge and exhaustion, it is not meant as an exercise to work the body. Asana purpose is to train the body to sit still in alertness and comfort, it’s a prerequisite foundation to steady the mind. Through mastery of the body and mind one can transcend the world of matter and reconnect with the “TRUE SELF/ATMAN/ENGLIGHTENMENT/BUDDHA/SATORI/CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS”

I highly encourage the study, understanding and practice of Yoga to everybody who wishes to walk and experience the path to self mastery.

If you apply yourself completely to Yoga, you will transcend all suffering and reside in eternal peace. You will continue to live on this earth but not be of this earth.

“The SELF was never born hence can never die.” – Bhagavad Gita


Hi Mr Bhutan,

I have troubles with my concentration and an overall feeling of being tired – any tips/suggestions on how to combat that? 

You need to sleep, eat, and move your way into optimal focus and abundant energy. 

Always prioritize sleep: Lack of sleep is a thief that steals life’s nectar. 

There is scientific evidence to show that 6 hours of sleep or less, leads to pre diabetic blood sugar levels, increased inflammation, compromised focus, weakened immunity and a reaction time equivalent to a drunk! 

I encourage you to work towards training yourself to sleep by 10p.m. and getting an average of 8 hours of sleep every night. 

Let food be thy medicine. Food is the oldest and most abundant medicine available to man. Although very few of us understand or acquire the discipline to harness its power to heal and nourish us. We need to inculcate the idea of looking upon food as medicine.

 Eat meals with plenty of variety, in taste (salty/sweet/bitter/sour) texture (raw/soft/hard) and color (think rainbow) Also choosing foods that you enjoy and digest well. 

A wide variety of food will maintain stable blood sugar. Which means stable focus and energy. High blood sugar leads to release of insulin and a feeling of lethargy. Low blood sugar level leads to lack of energy, loss of focus. Making you irritable and a very volatile person to be around. 

Move more exercise less: Nothing in nature stands still. Nor should you. Lack of movement begets more lack of movement. Your body’s default state becomes hard and stiff. When your body becomes hard and stiff your mind soon becomes hard and stiff too.

 Our bodies are designed for movement not only regular exercise. No amount of exercise can ever replace holistic and consistent movement. Movement must become an inseparable part of our modern lifestyle. Moving and exercising also increases sleep pressure leading to improved sleep quality. 

Waking regularly, standing, sitting on the floor, twisting, turning, bending, hyper extending, hanging, moving every muscle, bone and joint through its full range of motion along with some intense resistant exercise is ideal for the body we currently inhabit.

Hi Mr Bhutan,

I often dwell on the question “why i still haven’t found my second half” As in is there something wrong with me?

There is nothing wrong with you. Rather something wrong in the way you THINK.

Your ignorance lies in the fact that you think yourself as “ONE HALF” You are one indivisible soul residing in a human body having a temporary human experience.

One cannot fill a cup that has always been full. We spend all of our lives blind to the fact that we were born whole. In this blind quest we try to fill ourselves with everything we can get our hands on. Food, sensual pleasures, experiences, people, and things. Satiated for a fleeting moment and than that gaping hole relentlessly barks at us again. Like the horizon, when approached keeps evading us.

When you see yourself as incomplete, the world around you unconsciously senses the needy in you. Most people are not attracted to needy people. They believe they have way too little for themselves to even consider offering a tiny bit to anyone.

Most people are drawn to people who find utmost comfort in themselves, which is expressed in the way she thinks, speaks, moves and acts. There is an effortless ease, comfort and genuineness to everything she does. Without trying the world gravitates towards her. Without any fight or struggle she achieves everything.

I encourage you to seek a partner from a stand point of wholeness. You are not seeking completion, rather you are seeking to share the best in you. You should do everything to create opportunities to find someone. But have little or better still no expectations. Seek from a state of play and contentment. Always reminding yourself that nothing can fill a cup that always remains full.