I am doing cardio and weights. At the end of the day I am knackered but i can’t sleep. Given that rest is essential for recovery and still being able to function at work I’d like to be able to rest better. Sometimes sleeping aids helps but I guess that is not sustainable long term.

Tired and restless at the same time. 


A human being is part mind and part body. When your body and mind are in harmony, they serve you like a loyal and loving servant. When in disharmony, they enslave you like a ruthless master. 

Since you are “knackered” and yet unable to sleep. It is most likely a result of your inability to calm your body and mind. You must learn to relax and to transition into an essential state of rest and recuperate called “SLEEP” 

Implement as many of the advice below to improve your sleep. 

Food: Eat your dinner an hour earlier than your usual time. Digestion increases blood flow and body heat. which are counterproductive to sleep. 

Exercise: Intense exercise should be completed earlier in the day. Ideally before 2p.m. As intense exercise temporarily elevates your body heat, blood pressure and metabolic rate through the release of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which negatively effect sleep. 

Light: refrain from all bright lights two hours before bed time. As the absence of bright lights signals the brain to release melatonin, the sleep inducing hormone. 

Drink: consume all caffeine and alcoholic beverages earlier in the day preferably by noon. Stop all liquids at least 2 hour prior to sleep. Stimulants and frequent urination interferes with your sleep. 

Focus on your breathe: until and unless you slow your thoughts. You will not sufficiently calm down. You need to withdraw your senses inward, focus entirely on your breath as you are tucked in. Feel your chest rise and fall, listen intently to your inhalation and exhalation. It will help still your restless mind. 

Sunshine: exposure to sunlight for a minimum of 20 minutes daily will help align your body’s internal clock. 

Cold shower: 1-3 minutes of cold shower before bed time will help shut your thoughts momentarily and reduce your core temperature aiding you to sleep quicker and deeper. 

Book: 30 minutes of reading an inspirational, spiritual or a religious book will help calm your body and mind.