Yeshey Lhadon

A Bhutanese, food delivery driver who was abused in Perth earlier this month by a customer, said he is not going to sue the abuser.

Karma Thinley wrote: “Please try to understand him from a father’s point of view. He is a father of two and he is important in their lives.”

He left this note to GoFundMe donors saying that he wouldn’t press any charges against his abuser.

Most people encouraged him to pursue legal action against the abusive customer. The customer sprayed him with a garden hose and berated him for delaying his KFC chicken dinner which was a result of a technical problem in the Menulog food delivery app on September 2.

The ex-partner of the abuser, a mother of two, wanted to extend her help to Karma Thinley with evidence against his assailant if he decides to sue him.

However, Karma Thinley said that he needs more time to process his thoughts to make an official complaint against the person.

He said, “I am flooded with advice, moral support and warmth after the mishap. I’m discussing it with my family too.”

The victim hasn’t lodged any complaints with the police so far.

It has just been nine months for Karma’s family living in Perth. He said that he doesn’t know much about Australian laws and procedures.

“It is risky. We are in their land. Our culture and our way of dealing with people are different. I’m scared of the impact my decision will have on my family and the nation. My decision shouldn’t affect anyone.”

Karma called the incident bad luck. That night after the incident, he cried all the way home. He composed himself to look normal when he reached home.

“I wanted to keep it a secret from my family. I was demoralised. However, as the head of the family, I must be strong.”

The video on the incident made by the abuser went viral. Karma said he couldn’t work for Menulog since then.

“I am petrified. I won’t be able to work as a delivery driver anytime soon.”

The incident left Karma and his family mentally stirred up, “a wound that would take a long time to heal and one that would leave a deep scar”.

Karma Thinley said that he almost got into a car accident once after the incident. “I took some days off from my job and I also need to visit a psychotherapist.”