Atomic weight table non-issue: BCSEA

The Bhutan Council for School Examination and Assessment (BCSEA) secretary Tenzin Dorji, while declaring the Class X results today said no bonus marks were given for the atomic table that was not provided in the Chemistry paper.

“Since it was a new curriculum, it was not necessary to attach the atomic weight table,” he said.

He said that BCSEA asked the 30 Chemistry teachers on evaluation duty if it was an issue. “They said the students are supposed to know the values and therefore, not providing the atomic table was not an issue.”

On December 8 last year, while attending the board examination’s Chemistry paper, most teachers and students realised that the question paper did not have the atomic weight table, which students refer to attempt the questions.

The students had to refer to the atomic table to answer one of the questions in Section B of the paper, which was worth six marks. The atomic weight table is used as a reference for students to calculate the molecular mass for numerical questions or any questions, which require the atomic number for solving numerical questions.

The pass percentage in Science, including Chemistry, was 93.85.

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  1. jakarma9
    jakarma9 says:

    Well, of course students are supposed to know the atomic table. In fact, students are supposed to know answers to all the questions. That isn’t possible because exams are psychologically stressful and not everyone scores a 100 point, which technically should be.

    The point is, it’s a mandatory part of the examination to provide a sheet, whatsoever supporting formula it maybe. Forgetting to attach one should be accepted as a mistake and students should be a awarded a bonus mark, say an average mark of 3. It’s not about knowing or not-knowing, it’s about professionalism and ethics.

    Another level of wisdom showed by our experts.

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