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Review shows heavy alcohol tax likely to curb consumption 

More than 767 Bhutanese lost their lives to alcohol liver disease (ALD) in the past six years as per data with the health ministry. 

According to the latest annual health bulletin 2020, 139 people died due to ALD in 2019, which was the highest cause of mortality in the country than any other form of diseases combined. 

The Samtse lockdown

Except in Samtse and Gomtu towns, where people are allowed to move (walk) within their zones using their movement cards, the rest of Samtse is still under lockdown.

It is close to a week since lockdown in Samtse started due to a positive case from the community.

Man sentenced for fraudulent cheque writing

Thimphu dzongkhag court’s criminal bench II earlier this month sentenced a 43-year-old man to five years in prison for fraudulent cheque writing. 

The man from Sarpang was arrested after police found out that he had signed the fraudulent BoB cheque of Nu 4.3 million (M) and handed it to a relative. 

Gelephu water solution

Monsoon is here and so are the water problems again. Around 12,000 residents in Gelephu have been drinking contaminated water for more than 10 days now. The thromde is helpless. The infrastructure has failed. The flash flood last year destroyed the water treatment plant at Maochhu while dredging works are blamed for disrupting the natural […]

No reliable health centre in Rangtse

Located about a 30-minute rough drive from Sombaykha drungkhag, Rangtse, a clustered village, has a population of about 600. However, without a health sub-post, the villagers have to go to the drungkhag to avail themselves of health service.