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Jobs needed to reap demographic dividend: NSB

Bhutan will have a one time opportunity to capitalise on the increasing number of youth up to 2042 as its dependency ratio plummets. 

The only condition is that it has to create 8,000 jobs on average every year to reap the demographic dividend, according to the National Statistical Bureau report ‘Harnessing Demographic Dividend in Bhutan’ released yesterday. 

Who are police officers?

The Civil and Criminal Procedure Code (amendment) Bill will go to a joint sitting, as the two Houses could not agree on seven sections, one of which seeks to change the definition of a police officer.

A new section added by the National Assembly defines officials from the forest department, immigration, customs and other law enforcement agencies as police officers. But despite objections from some members, the House retained the section through a show of hands.

Stuck in Bumthang

Passengers on their way to Mongar and Trashigang, stranded in Bumthang, have decided to meet and decide what course to take after they were stuck in Bumthang for three nights.

Protecting ourselves

The numbers of countries affected and cases of COVID-19 are increasing on a daily basis with the World Health Organisation closely monitoring the spread of the disease. By the time the health ministry issued a travel advisory on Wednesday, the virus was reported in a few more countries. The latest was Iran where as of […]

More Bhutanese moving between rural areas

The migration of people from rural to urban centres is no longer the largest flow of internal migration according to the Rural-Urban Migration and Urbanisation in Bhutan report. 

National Statistics Bureau (NSB) report released yesterday stated that rural-to-rural migration has become the largest internal migration flow and migrant flows from urban areas to rural and other urban areas. 

In honour of the great treasure discoverer

The weather was not kind. However, the rain, which gave way to snow and the cold didn’t deter devotees from coming and paying their tribute and respect to great saint, Terton Pema Lingpa, when an official Pema Lingpa Day was observed yesterday. 

MoH cautions people from travelling to COVID-19 affected countries

With 33 countries having reported of confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) as of yesterday, the health ministry cautioned  Bhutanese to avoid unnecessarily travel to affected countries until the outbreak is contained.

A travel advisory, the ministry sent, stated that people who have to travel should also postpone it. “Travellers entering Bhutan with travel history to affected countries may be quarantined for 14 days on arrival in the country.”

NC recommends dropping school ranking system 

National Council (NC) members said the education ministry should trash the school ranking system as it is not benefitting schools as intended. 

Members said that NC Good Governance Committee’s review report on programmes towards improving the quality of education clearly shows the ranking system was unfair and useless.