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Bhutan-Sri Lanka strengthens relations

Diplomacy: The first annual bilateral consultation between Bhutan and Sri Lanka on November 16 in Colombo discussed several issues from political relations, trade, investment, tourism, human resource development, to cultural exchanges, and cooperation in regional and multilateral forums.

Premature births on the rise

Preterm birth is the leading cause of neonate and infant mortality in the country

Health: One in every 10 children born in Bhutan is premature and the number of premature births across the country is growing, according to paediatricians.

Economic vulnerability risks LDC graduation status

Graduating into a middle-income country means losing access to multilateral LDC specific funds

UN: Bhutan has surpassed the thresholds on GNI per capita and human asset index, which makes it eligible to graduate from the status of a Least Developed Country (LDC) but its weak achievement in economic vulnerability index will be a challenge that Bhutan needs to pay attention to.

Council moots for law against fronting

A new section against fronting was recommended for inclusion in the Companies’ bill

Council: The National Council yesterday directed its economic affairs committee to consider its recommendation of adding a new section in the Companies bill against fronting.

Regulations for drones needed

A drone was recently seized from a tourist in Paro. The tourist was using it to take photographs of Kichu lhakhang.

The activity may seem harmless but there is a need for drone use to be strictly restricted or banned until regulations are in place.

Bengaluru College withdraws financial aid

Decision leaves 25 BSc students and their parents worried

Education: The four-year BSc Nursing course, for 25 Bhutanese students studying in Indo Asian Academy Degree College in Bengaluru, India, is hanging in the air after the college, consultant and parents are caught up in disagreements over a financial aid programme.